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“Our work is finding its way out of screens and into different mediums and technologies. We rely on storyboarding to help illustrate the user experience to our clients and internal teams. Boords has become a critical tool for us to quickly create, tweak, and share our work. The tools are simple and brilliant.”
Jonathan Minori
Design Director at W+K Lodge
Turn your images into storyboards in a flash

Import your images and see them instantly arranged as an editable storyboard which is always up-to-date. We support all major image formats, including PSDs and animated GIFs.

Real-time for real

Add voiceover, label and action text to your frames and see it update in real-time when any of your teammates makes a change.

Draw (and re-draw) to your heart's content

Use the drawing tool to sketch out new frames from scratch or annotate your existing images. All your drawings are editable even after you save them, so you can make any later tweaks at the drop of a hat.

Block out your story with text slides

Add title slides, end slates or even subtitles to individual frames with our text tool. Use it on a single frame or to quickly map out your whole storyboard before the visuals are ready.

Use arrows to indicate movement

Our built-in arrow tool makes indicating direction in your frames a snap. Perfect for showing transitions or frame movements, make sure your vision comes to life exactly as you intend it.

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