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“Storyboards are constantly in need of minor and sometimes major changes. The flexibility and consistency that Boords adds to the process is priceless.
Liam Hogan
“Our studio runs on Boords. We can quickly draw up ideas, add in a script, receive real-time feedback and rapidly iterate changes. Everything is one place so there’s no need to email files back and forth. It’s really a game changer.
Kelly Messori
Producer at CatCow
“Boords is so intuitive and integrated that it massively helps us streamline our storyboarding process, saving us from faffing around. We also have members of the team who work remotely and working in Boords really helps keep us all closer together.
Chris Wilson
“Boords allows our creative team, & our clients to see exactly where we're up to. When we send clients a Boords link, they use it and love it - so we love it too.
Linda Rossiter
Creative Director
“Storyboarding used to involve a lot of menial, repetitive tasks. Boords eliminates those so we can focus on the fun, creative parts of the process.
Karen Hansen
Motion Designer & Illustrator
“Boords has fundamentally changed how we create, share and collaborate on storyboards. It's been an absolute godsend.
Ryan Rumbolt
Creative Director
“Boords helps us create a consistent look and feel for all our boards, and saves our art directors from wasting time futzing with layouts. It helps us spend time on the creative, not the formatting. It's every creative's dream.
Hope Morley
Chief Operating Officer
“Boords has turned the tedious task of storyboarding into a fluid and fun process for our team. Most importantly, it allows us to better focus on developing and refining great stories for our clients.
Roddy Hyduk
Partner & ECD
“Boords makes it easy to keep track of versions, make revisions in an efficient way, and makes the storyboarding process more collaborative. It's the type of tool that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it.
Sofie Edvardsson
Creative Director
“Storyboarding is all about making versions as close to the final animation, without too much effort. Boords is simply the best solution for this. It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s collaborative, it’s effective.
Birger Morgenstjerne
Founder & Managing Director
“Boords is intuitive, responsive and easy-to-use. It has become an essential part of our workflow. It's easy to design storyboard frames, make edits on the fly and it has a ton of useful features that make the storyboarding process an absolute dream!
Ryan Biercewicz
Creative Director
“Before Boords, we used a makeshift storyboard template, which proved frustrating. Boords has sped up our workflow and client feedback, in turn allowing a more seamless experience with our production process. Life before Boords < Life after Boords.
Warren Willmott
Creative Director
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“Before Boords, creating and sharing storyboards with clients was painful. Boords has positively changed our workflow since day one.
Diego Huacuja
Founder & Creative Director
“Boords allows us to keep all our storyboards in one place. It's also very easy to add review notes to share with our design team right inside Boords, which streamlines communication.
Michael Cardwell
Founder & Creative Director
“Shimano is a global company and our English-language scripts need approval from stakeholders in Japan and Europe. Boords visually presents script concepts with colleagues whose first language isn't English.
Shuji Sakai
Video Producer
“Boords has been a game-changer for us since its release – it’s made storyboarding so simple, intuitive and easy.
Marko Anstice
Motion Designer
“Before Boords, we were essentially creating storyboard templates by hand.
Sarah Jeffries
Creative Director
“We can't imagine a world before Boords. The flexibility and ease of Boords has led to such a smooth process when it comes to storyboarding, we can't imagine doing it any other way.
Hannah Churn
Art Director
“With Boords we've got everything in one place. Versioning, commenting, presenting. It helps us with the client communication so much. Before Boords, tracking feedback was a mess.
Andreas Niedermayer
“Boords has become a vital part of our workflow. We love how easy it is to create storyboards, collaborate on them, and get feedback from clients. It has made our studio more efficient, more productive, and happier!
Joshua Gunn
Founder & Creative Director
“When storyboarding, you need it to be painless to fail and correct until you hit bullseye. Boords provides the amount of flexibility that allows you to concentrate solely on the story. I think that's what I love most about Boords.
Nicolaj Larsson
Founder & Creative Director
“Boords made storyboarding faster, flexible and above all, easy to collaborate on. It's adding so much value to the ultimate goal of bringing stories to life.
Malisa Perona
“Boords completely changes the amount of work needed to make a storyboard. It makes our lives so much easier by providing an organised process that allows us to focus on the creativity.
Gabriela Badillo
Co-founder & Creative Director
“My professional life is divided in two parts: pre-Boords and post-Boords.
Galileo Giglio
Try the online storyboarding software trusted by 200,000+ creatives