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Boords is the online storyboard creator for creative professionals. Visualise your ideas with storyboards, scripts, and animatics – then gather feedback – all in one place.
“Revisions, new versions, sharing to clients… Before Boords, storyboarding was plain messy. Now, workflows are faster and easier than ever before.
Evan Pirone
Creative Director
“Boords has turned storyboarding into a seamless process, with countless new features and fixes, allowing my team to focus on the actual creative.
Yelena Yafe
Director, Creative Production
“We used to waste hours creating storyboards in Photoshop - now we create them in minutes with Boords. Couldn't live without it.
Ryan Geiger
Senior Creative Director
Re-arranging frames shouldn't be painful

Imagine being able to quickly assemble storyboards, re-arrange frames, then create new versions in a snap. Boords gives you all this in one online tool.

Say goodbye to missing feedback

Tired of losing feedback in email threads? With Boords, you can collect feedback via a password protected link to your storyboards. Share it with clients and teammates for a super-slick approvals process.

Collaborate with your team, wherever you are

Boords was fired in the kilns of a busy animation production company. With powerful user management baked-in, Boords helps you collaborate with teammates and clients in real-time, wherever you are in the world.

Can't draw? We've got you covered

Storyboarding isn’t about polished images. Boords features an extensive royalty-free stock image library so you can tell your story effectively, regardless of your drawing ability.

Ease the transition to animatics

Boords isn’t just a storyboard creator. You can turn your storyboards into animatics in a snap with our unique Animatic Tool. Share online and collect feedback or export to Adobe After Effects or MP4.

Experience Superior Storyboarding
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