2018: A Year of Love

Karen Mc Guinness
Karen Mc Guinness, Customer Success Specialist
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6 min read

Throughout 2018, the influx of feedback that we’ve received from our wonderful Boords community has really made our hearts soar!

As new features were pushed out, we were completely blown away by all of the positive comments that came rolling in. Without this support, we wouldn’t be able to continue in our pursuit of simple & accessible storyboards. So, from the bottom of your hearts, we want to say thank you.

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As the year comes to a close, we’ve rounded up some examples of the love that we were lucky enough to receive during the past twelve months. Let’s dive in and see what our lovely Boorders have had to say.

I'm so excited to use this software!

Character animator and graphic designer at Everhouse, Daniel Burch, kindly got in touch to show his appreciation for all of the new updates we’ve been beavering away on during the year:

“I also need to add that the amount and quality of new features you guys are adding to Boords is amazing! I’m so excited to use this software!”

My god what a flawless app this has become

Having recently re-visited the app after over two years of absence, Daniel Savage noted the improvements he spotted since his initial trial back in 2016:

“Using @boordsapp for the first time since the initial launch.. my god what a flawless app this has become. #notsponsored”


Before, I'd use InDesign, which was a pain if I needed to make changes

For Chris Shaw, he recognized Boords’ value right away and since then, he’s been finding it much less complicated to use than other storyboarding alternatives:

“Recently discovered @boordsapp and holy cow it has changed my life for the better in so many ways. Before, I’d use InDesign, which was a pain if I needed to make changes. Boords keeps everything in one centralized location AND it even lets you create an animatic w/sound in the app.”

We were delighted to hear the super talented folks at CatCow talk about how Boords has been helping to improve their animation process. After releasing the Animatic Tool early in the year, it was a joy to know that they’d been finding it helpful.

“This is how @boordsapp is making our animation process better 😍 #animationtools #creativestudio"

boords 2

Love how easy it is to add new frames between existing ones

Not only do we enjoy the words of appreciation from our community, but we also love to hear their suggestions for future updates. Much to our delight, Huw Davies reached out and gave us just that!

“Have signed up for @boordsapp. So far so good. Very intuitive, love how easy it is to add new frames between existing ones and also you can make your storyboards smell like either freshly cut grass or WD-40. (Last bit isn’t true.. it’s more of a feature request)”

boords 3

Our eagerness to keep storyboarding simple is at the forefront of everything we do at Boords and so we were thrilled to hear about the impact that the app has had on Nikc Miller’s day-to-day life in the animation world:

“Within a week, @boordsapp went from “oh I guess that’s pretty cool” to something I can’t live without.”

You all have made something very special and integral to the process

Travis Krause also shared with us how he’d been finding Boords' collaborative features particularly handy:

“I signed up for Boords because of the efficiency of it and the ease in which feedback and interaction occurs. You all have made something very special and integral to the process. I love you all.”

boords 4

Boords is a feature-rich and fantastic collaborative storyboarding app

We were totally flattered to be mentioned by Planet Nutshell in their charming review explaining why they’re hooked on Boords. Seeing the behind the scenes of their storyboards left us feeling like the proudest of parents!

“Animators, filmmakers, producers, creative directors take note: @boordsapp is a feature-rich and fantastic collaborative storyboarding app."

Thank you!

The support that we’ve received throughout 2018 has really meant the world to us and for that we want to thank you.

While we’re looking forward to winding down for the festive season, it’s difficult to curb our enthusiasm for all that’s in the pipeline for the year to come!

Thanks again for being part of the Boords journey this year – we simply couldn’t do it without you lot.

Karen Mc Guinness
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Karen Mc Guinness is a Customer Success Specialist at Boords. Originally from Ireland, she currently works from sunny Greece.