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With the Boords Slack integration, you can send Slack messages when a new comment is created on your storyboard. Perfect for keeping your whole team in the loop.

slack-example An example Slack notification from Boords

Step 1) Create a free Zapier account

Zapier is an automation service which connects the apps you use every day with one another. To use Boords with Zapier, you’ll need a free Zapier account. If you have a Zapier account, sign in to it now.

Create my Zapier Account

Step 2) Connect Boords with Zapier

Connecting your Boords account with Zapier is simple. Just click the link below, and you’ll be guided through the process.

Connect my Boords Account

Step 3) Create a Zap

Now that your Boords account is connected, it’s time to create a Zap! Give your new Zap a name; something like Boords Comments to Slack.

Select Boords as your Trigger App. If you can’t see Boords in the Trigger App dropdown menu, make sure you’ve connected Boords with Zapier.

Create my Zap

slack zapier integration Selecting Boords as a Trigger App

Step 4) Set up your Comments Trigger

From the Boords Triggers menu, select ‘New Comment on Storyboard’. Every time you leave a comment on your chosen storyboard, this trigger will fire.


Next, choose the storyboard you’d like to receive Slack notifications for:


Once you’ve selected your storyboard, Zapier will look for a comment which it can use to test your Zap. If there isn’t a comment on your storyboard, go ahead and add one now:


Once Zapier has found sample comment, it’s time to add your Slack Action step!

Step 5) Create your Slack Action

Select ‘Send Channel Message’ from the Slack Actions menu:


Next, choose your message format. The template below is a good starting point:


Save your template, then click ‘Send Test to Slack’. The message should appear in the Slack channel of your choosing looking something like this:


Boom! You’re ready to get Slack notifications for new Boords comments. Click ‘Finish’, then turn on your Zap, and you’re good to go.