After Effects

The Boords Animatic Tool for After Effects allows you to import Boords animatics into your AE projects in just a couple of clicks. It even includes label, voiceover, and action text for reference.

Getting Started

Step 1) Download the Boords Tools After Effects Script

To get started, download the Boords Tools After Effects Script from GitHub. It comes as a ZIP file, which contains the BoordsTools directory and the BoordsTools.jsx script file.

Download the After Effects Script

Step 2) Install the Script

Unzip the Boords Tools Script ZIP file, and move the contents of the directory into your After Effects ScriptUI Panels directory:

It’s important to move both the BoordsTools directory AND the BoordsTools.jsx file into ScriptUI Panels. It won’t work if you skip this.

image Moving the directory and script file

On a Mac, ScriptUI Panels will be located within the After Effects application directory:

/Applications/Adobe After Effects CC 2017/Scripts/ScriptUI Panel

The exact location will vary with your After Effects version, so you may need to do a little exploration in Finder.

Step 3) Restart After Effects

Once you’ve added BoordsTools and BoordsTools.jsx to ScriptUI Panels, restart After Effects.

Congratulations! You’re ready to go.

Using the Boords Tools Script

The Boords Tools Script works by turning a folder you’ll export from Boords into an After Effects composition. Let’s go through the process step-by-step.

Step 1) Export your storyboard from Boords

Within the storyboard you’d like to convert to an animatic, select ‘After Effects > Download Images’ from the export menu:


This will download your storyboard as a ZIP file containing everything you need to create your animatic. Go ahead and unzip it.

Step 2) Open the Boords Tools panel

With the ‘Window’ menu open, select the BoordsTools.jsx plugin. This will open the Boords Tools panel.


Step 3) Create your animatic

Open the script, then select your Boords folder. You’ll be prompted to add a sound file. Just click cancel if you don’t have one.


Step 4) Add sound & notes (optional)

You can add a reference later with voiceover, label, and action text. The script will ask you if you’d like to do this:


This can take a while, particularly for longer storyboards. 1 minute or longer is not uncommon. Please be patient!

Over to you!


Your Boords storyboard is now an animatic in After Effects, ready for editing!