Boords Changelog

A record of new features, fixes, and improvements


Starting today, you can easily roll back changes to your storyboard with our new Undo feature! Before, deleting frames from your storyboard meant they were gone forever. Now, you can undo & redo to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge your changes are reversible.

This feature doesn’t just apply to deleting frames - oh, no. You can also roll back changes to text, ordering, frame grouping, and more. Your storyboarding workflow will be smoother than ever.

Open up any of your storyboards to see undo & redo in action. You’ll find the icons in your storyboard edit toolbar. Naturally, there are keyboard shortcuts, too; use command-z to undo, and command-shift-z to redo.

Happy change-making!


Storyboards are just one part of the pre-production process, and every team uses different software tools to get their work done. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of the Boords Zapier integration! Use it to connect your storyboards to the 1,000+ apps on Zapier and become a pre-production maestro.

Comment Summary Emails

Tired of an inbox cluttered with Boords comment notification emails? Well, you’ll be happy to learn comments are now grouped together and periodically sent as one ‘summary’ email.

As a reminder, you can edit your email notifications for a given project on any storyboard, or turn them off all together in your notification settings.

Export Menu


We’ve added a new export menu, making it much easier to take your storyboards to the next level of production!

Camera Movements


You can now add pre-defined Camera Movement indicators to your frames! In the Image Editor, quickly insert arrows to indicate Pan, Zoom, or Tilt movements.

Frame highlighting fix

Image 2019-03-28 at 1.01.42 PM

Recently, we noticed that it was a little difficult to see which frame a comment was associated with.

Now, when you click a comment in the sidebar, it’ll highlight the frame in the edit view.

Arabic & Hebrew character rendering

We’d had reports of a couple of issues with Arabic & Hebrew characters rendering incorrectly in PDF exports. Specifically, Arabic characters weren’t being joined correctly, and Hebrew characters were occassionally being rendered in the wrong order. Happily, both these issues are now resolved!

Access Unsplash from a blank storyboard

Image 2019-03-06 at 12.00.52 PM

Now you can add photos directly from Unsplash into a blank storyboard. No need to open the Image Editor first!

Storyboard Zooming


If you work on storyboards with lots of frames, you’ll be delighted to learn you can now control the size of the frames in your storyboards using our new Zoom feature!

Japanese character fix

We’ve fixed a bug which caused some PDFs containing Japanese characters to export incorrectly.

Increase 'Blank Frames' maximum

You can now create a blank storyboard with up to 60 blank frames, as opposed to the original limit of 30.

Image Library

We’ve launched an image library! Before, you had to draw or upload your own images to make a storyboard. Now, thanks to our Iconfinder and Unsplash integrations, anyone can create high-quality storyboards using professional quality illustrations, icons, and photos.

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